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Recognizing Halal Products: The Jaipur Conversations

Increasing Muslim dominance is the main reason for the rise of the halal economy. An economic dominance that proves Islamic control over the world economy. Muslims have coerced people around the world into subservience to their demands. Since Muslims make up the second-largest population group in the world, corporates are forced to meet their demands. It is a prime example of Muslim dominance that Halal-based products are forced into normal life, and this is a major reason for their economic superiority.

By buying Halal-certified products from the market, Hindus are boosting Islamic intentions. Jhatka meat is not readily available in India, due to the over-predominance of Halal-certified products. This illustrates the degree of control Muslims have over our eating habits. Therefore, economic boycotts have become necessary against Halal products. Halal-based products should be boycotted as a necessity to stop the growing economic influence of Muslims, a powerful force cloaked in ambiguity.

The jihadist movement and criminal activities are funded and encouraged through the halal economy. Due to this, non-Muslims, especially Hindus, should be aware that their money is used to fund their own killings.

How to Identify Halal Products:

  1. Halal symbol- A Halal product is usually identified by the word Halal on its packaging or by the symbol M. Halal products are usually identified by the letter M. The K stands for Kosher (Jewish) and the M stands for Halal.
  2. Halal-certified logo- Muslim councils or Halal supervision boards authorize companies to print the ‘Halal-certified’ logo on their packaging.
  3. Ingredients- A good understanding of what constitutes Haram is imperative. The reason for this is that many products that contain a list of prohibited items in Islam will be considered Haram.
    It’s just an indicative list, but to give readers an idea that any item that will contain the following shall be treated as Haram and not Halal.
  • Alcohol
  • Pork or pork by-products
  • Blood
  • Combinations of the above three (haram meat gelatin, cakes containing alcohol, etc.).
  • Carnivorous animals/birds (animals that eat the flesh of other animals or drink their blood).
  • Animals that have been dedicated to or slaughtered in the name of anyone other than Allah.
  • Animals/birds that have been dedicated to idols.
  • Animals/birds that have died due to natural causes.
  • Animals/birds that die due to strangulation.
  • Animals/birds that die from being beaten.
  • Animals/birds that die falling down from a height.
  • Animals/birds that are killed and gored by a beast of prey.
  • Animals that live on both land and in water (amphibians) such as frogs and salamanders.

Buyers may not be able to comprehend the depth of the intricacies of Halal certification, but the highlighted points can give a quick indication of which products are Halal.

4. Foods containing emulsifiers- People can use apps to find out which products are halal-certified or not. Online e-codes are available for Halal and Haram products. People can look for the following E-codes so that they know which products are Halal at a glance:

  • E120 Cochineal: red coloring derived from female insects.
  • E441 Gelatine: derived from the bones/hides of cattle/sheep.
  • E542 Edible Bone Phosphate: extracted from animal bones.
  • E904 Shellac: a resin from the lac insect.

    Further, this is a link where readers can know about the products that are Halal certified – https://international-halal.com/ecodes/

5. Manufacturers- Those companies that have an Islamic origin are likely to manufacture Halal-certified products. There will be many large Muslim organizations or multinational companies that manufacture Muslim-specific products. Hence, it is prudent to be aware of the fact that their products are likely to be Halal certified.



A hawk’s eye view of the enemy within is essential for Hindus at times like these; to grasp the Shatrubodh. There must be a greater awareness and consciousness from Hindus of every step they take. Changes must be small but gradual. In a way, the horrific and spine-chilling killing of Nishank Rathor is an everyday alarm for Hindus to wake up. Hindus refuse to wake up from their self-imposed deep slumber, which is why these Jihadists will continue to use violence to silence Hindus. It is obvious that Muslims consider Hindus to be cowards, so their towing to Islamic lines is a step towards making their target of Islamic dominance a reality. In order to cripple Muslim superiority and violence, multi-pronged action must be taken, one that cripples them financially as well as halts their unhindered radicalization. Hindus need to realize that their survival depends on waking up and acting fast, or they may have to pay a heavy price for their inaction.


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