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Find out who Luna Lovegood actor Evanna Lynch has been covertly seeing for the past nine years with this Harry Potter fandom

The Luna Lovegood actor Evanna Lyuch spilled on her secrete nine year dating with Harry Potter co-star

Published on Aug 21, 2023   |  09:50 AM IST  |  201.3K


Dating Harry Potter actor over nine years (Instagram)

Key Highlight

  • Luna Lovegood actress Evanna Lynch shares her hidden relationship with a fellow Harry Potter star

  • Evanna and Robbie's private love story blossomed off-camera

  • While their romance ended, both actors remain committed to their shared passion for veganism

Evanna Lynch, the talented actress who brought Luna Lovegood to life, has broken her silence about a clandestine nine-year romance with an unexpected co-star from the wizarding world. This enchanting tale unfolds behind the scenes, shedding light on a love that remained concealed from the prying eyes of the public. Hailing from the Emerald Isle, Evanna Lynch, renowned for her portrayal of the ethereal Hogwarts enchantress, Luna Lovegood, in J.K. Rowling's iconic film adaptations, found an unexpected connection with fellow actor Robbie Jarvis. Their paths crossed in 2007 when they were both cast in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." What transpired was a subtle, private romance that quietly thrived beyond the spotlight.

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The surprising story we don't know about 

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While Evanna and Robbie kept their relationship away from the limelight, their bond grew stronger over time. Robbie, known for his role as a young James Potter in the series, embarked on a unique journey with Evanna. Their connection deepened as they shared more than just their on-screen personas. A testament to their relationship was Evanna's passionate effort to enlighten Robbie about ethical living, persuading him to adopt a vegan lifestyle after a transformative trip to New Zealand.

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A public glimpse

VIDEO: Harry Potter's Evanna Lynch reveals secret nine year romance with co star
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Although their romance was kept under wraps, a heartwarming gesture in May 2015 showcased the depth of their connection. Evanna took to Instagram to publicly wish Robbie a "happy 29th birthday," melting hearts with her affectionate words. Their plans to attend a show together gave a rare insight into their lives beyond the magical realm. 

Life after Harry Potter 

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Beyond the spells and potions, Robbie Jarvis delved into various acting endeavors post-Harry Potter, taking part in TV shows like "Genie in the House," "The History Boys," and "Waking the Dead," as well as engaging in stage productions. Remaining steadfast in his commitment to veganism, Robbie used his platform to advocate for animal rights and plant-based living on his public Instagram.

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A new beginning

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As time passed, Evanna and Robbie's paths diverged, leading them to different chapters. While the romance concluded, their amicable relationship persisted, reflected in their joint appearances at vegan events. Robbie, now in a relationship with professional basketball player Zoe Fleck, continues to champion veganism alongside his personal journey. As of 2021, Evanna has transitioned to new horizons, reportedly embarking on a romance with a mystery French gentleman. The actress unveiled her enigmatic beau during her sister's wedding, offering a glimpse into her life away from the camera.

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VIDEO: 😵Luna Lovegood actress dated Harry Potter costar secretly for 9 years! #harrypotter
Incorrect Harry Potter
Who did Evanna Lynch date in Harry Potter?
Evanna Lynch, who portrayed Luna Lovegood, and Robbie Jarvis, who played the young James Potter, were embroiled in a secret relationship up until 2016, according to news.com.au. The young stars first met on the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 2007 and quickly fell head over heels.

How does Evanna Lynch feel about JK Rowling?
The actor said that Rowling was very supportive when Lynch was recovering from anorexia, before continuing to praise the author. “I do also think it's important that JK Rowling has been amplifying the voices of detransitioners,” Lynch continued.

How did JK Rowling meet Evanna Lynch?
The teenager, who had been struggling with an eating disorder, had written to JK Rowling aged 11, in a letter sent through the author's publisher. When a response arrived from Ms Rowling herself, the two struck up an unlikely pen friendship, even while Ms Lynch was in a residential clinic for her eating disorder.

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