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Girlfriend was tested on slang terms from Durban

We love a good couple challenge on social media, especially when it caters to our local audience. 

So, one couple decided to educate each other on a very important topic: Understanding slang words from Durban. 

Well, it was actually a Durban boyfriend testing his Joburg girlfriend's knowledge of Durban slang words. To his surprise, she did really well. 

Now, you might be wondering why it's such a big deal because shouldn't everyone just know the slang words, after all, we all live in the same country? 

Well, the truth is that we all congregate in different parts of one country and this has led to us adopting and creating our own way of communicating. 

Slang is defined as "words and phrases used informally in any language." (ESL Forums

There are some slang words that become so much a part of our culture that even the dictionary credits it as an official word. 

Watch how Thabang killed it at decoding Durban slang words. Courtesy of TikTok

@jarrydandthabang Thabang was born in Gauteng but she might be belong in Durban! She guessed the Durban slang words I usually use and she got almost all correct😌 I’m gonna go deep into the archive for part 2 #fypシ゚viral #durban #slang #couplecomedy #southafrica #trending #viral

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VIDEO: Part 2: Thabang tries to guess Durban slang words #couplechallenge #durban #slangwords #couplecomedy
Jarryd & Thabang

People really found the couple to be cute and asked for more content. 

We were also impressed with Thabang's ability to decode the Durban slang words and it really got us thinking about how different we are from each other, yet connected as a nation. 

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